Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle


While warning lights can go on and the car still appears to be driving “fine”, ignoring some lights can lead to serious issues, such as engine damage or other component failure. In some instances, this can be a safety hazard. That’s why it is recommended to be safe (give yourself peace of mind) and have your car looked at by a certified professional as soon as possible.We use special tools to link to your vehicle’s onboard computer system to work out the cause of the problem. Once the code reader is plugged in, we can retrieve the trouble codes stored in your computer’s memory. These codes are exactly what dealers use to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Once we retrieve the fault codes, we can, in most instances, tell you the problem with your car, what is required to repair the fault, and the cost of repair very quickly.

Our diagnostic checks include

  • Engine management systems
  • Immobiliser systems ABS and traction control systems
  • Airbag and SRS systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Diesel management systems
  • Automatic transmission systems
  • CAN bus systems
  • Service light resetting

NOTE: Failure in any of these basic systems can cause the check engine light to illuminate and falsely identify a circuit or component as the problem, which could lead to improper or unnecessary parts replacement.