Providing you with exceptional tyres for your vehicle and resolving issues that may be occurring with your existing tyres. We are experienced in ensuring that your tyres have the correct air pressure and rotation and your wheels have the correct alignment and balancing.

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Wheel Balancing

If your wheels are not balanced correctly you may experience vibrations in the steering wheel, seat or floorboards. You may also suffer unnecessary and inconsistent tyre wear.

NB: Wheel balancing is not the same as wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are not aligned correctly you may experience: uneven or rapid tyre wear, drifting away from a straight line or a steering wheel that is not at the 12 o’clock position when driving straight.

How do I know when my tyres need changing?

You will first notice that your tyres are worn out through the way in which your car is gripping the road when you are driving. Additionally you may not be able to brake as normal. Sometimes, it is only one tyre on your car that may need replacing as you may feel that your car is not aligning straight whilst driving. It is best to have your tyres checked by a professional if you feel a change in your driving.

How do my tyres get worn out?

Tyres generally get worn out through emergency braking, under-inflation, over-inflation, driving too fast over high bumps in the road and corners and driving through pot-holes. Best practice is to drive slowly and steadily over uneven roads and ensure that your tyres are looked after. Check your tyre pressure at your local petrol station often. If in doubt, please contact us and we will let you know how to do this.